Sabado, Abril 30, 2011


Quality is in the details.

I rarely photograph the footwear that I design. It's not that I am interested to it but it is part of my every day. In footwear production, quality is mandatory and so I ensure that I am providing the best quality in every detail. I design and develop footwear that is beautiful, comfortable and durable.

Many are curious about my job and the nature of my work. Because for the past 10 years, I have been dealing with this kind of things and there’s no use to put everything in picture.

Yes, I am a Footwear Industry Development Specialist. This is the title given to us by the Philippine Footwear Federation Incorporated after we were hired as Footwear Consultants for Marikina Shoe Industry.

I don’t want to be called as Designer. Yes, I design footwear but as a specialist you are not bound only to design the shoes but you make them as a whole. It covers a whole lot of things; Anatomy, leather technology, industrial engineering, etc.

And what is so exciting about this photo?

This is Arabic Sandal designed for a large retail company in Middle East, actually one of those sandals that I designed with a fabulous detail.

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Henry ayon kay ...

You have a useful and helpful tips posted here. Paying attention to details will make the product perfect and I like it.

Mark Pere Madrona ayon kay ...

Ang gawang Pinoy, mabibili na sa mga bansang Arabo! Mahusay! Siguro, balang araw, magiging kasing-sikat ka na ni Monique Lhuillier. :)