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Photograpoetist (noun) photographer, poet and artist, a multi-talent package of a man. Only Jaypee Belarmino carries this title so far and this is the first time you've seen or heard this word.

Jaypee has a wide array of interests that include writing prose and poetry, photography, abstract painting, mixed media art and multimedia art and has been getting rave reviews on all of his works from the international community. It is his desire to express the contradicting and esoteric nature of life that has led him to these fields. Basically self-taught in all of these art and literary disciplines, his unrelenting passion to capture the essences of life's beauty distinctly manifests in his works. A proud father and a free soul, he dedicates every art and literary piece that he makes to his deepest inspiration, his lovely daughter, Sofia Gabrielle.

Just recently, he was featured in World Poetry International of Canada, the fourth Filipino poet featured on the said prestigious site for poetry after Ms. Anita Nieveras- AguirreWorld Poetry Lifetime Achievement Awardee, and World Poetry Peace Ambassador to PhilippinesDoc Penpen B. Takipsilim and Ms. Caroline Nazareno. Believe it or not, he became a record holder for having been viewed thousand times by different visitors all-over the world. 

In 2011, Axlepin Publishing Organization acknowledged him for his distinctive contribution in Summum Bonum Series Studies phase 1 both for his poetry and photography. Also, one of his poems is included in the organization calendar for this year 2012.

His achievements didn't stop here. Being a neophyte in photography, his journey in this field gives him a lot of achievements. He is reaping a lot of awards in diffrent categories in, one of the most internationally known photography sharing site.

Who is Jaypee Belarmino?

Jaypee Belarmino earned his degree in B.S. Agricultural Economics from the University of the Philippines Los Banos. Inspired by his family’s active involvement in Philippine politics, he entered the University of Nueva Caceres School of Law to continue his father’s legacy of helping the masses. Disillusioned by political and judicial unrests in his native country, he decided to give up law school and left the country to pursue a peaceful and simple life as a dairy farmer in New Zealand. He is currently working as an assistant manager in a dairy farm company in Invercargill City, the coldest and southernmost city in New Zealand.

While in New Zealand, Jaypee started searching to be more in commune with his spirituality by being closer to God. He then decided to join the widest and oldest fraternal organization in the world, the Freemasonry. In 2011, he was awarded the Sublime Degree of Master Mason by the Antient Free and Accepted Masons of the Grand Lodge of New Zealand. 

Jaypee’s background as a member of the University of the Philippines’ most famous fraternity, the Alpha Phi Omega International Fraternity, keeps activism alive in his creations while his strong Jesuit education from the Ateneo de Naga University emboldens him to persist revolutionizing his artistry and poetry with unrelenting drive for excellence.

"When creating your art, do not listen to critics.
You create art not for them, but for the evolving civilization of humanity." 
Jaypee's Abstract Art Self-Portrait: The Alignment of Subtleties

Selected Poetry:


unearth me
from deep slumber.
be the velvet sky
that could lift the burden
in my eyes.

be the soft kisses
from the voice
that thrives
from the gentleness
of light.

because everything starts from you.
you are the beginning of all things,
the seed of magic,
the cause of noble metals
and the bud of that
which is numinous in existence.

be. because you are. 


paano ko igugupo
ang saya na hatid
ng iyong mga ngiti?

paano ko yayakapin
ang lambing
ng iyong mga tinig?

paano ko iduduyan
ang iyong mga mata
sa uyayi
ng aking paghinga?

igugupo kita
sa mga musika
sa pagitan
ng mga hangin;

yayakapin kita
sa oda ng mga huni
at anino
ng mga lilim;

at iduduyan kita
ng walang hanggang pagsuyo
sa piling
ng mga arkana.

P.S. I wont be surprise if one day he'll become a Palanca Awards recipient for Literature and become a chef. (He's a very good cook, too.)

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You deserve more than this my dear Kuya. I am happy to write more about you. This is just the first and expect for more. I will watch you! Pak!

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wow...gandaness in utmost respect to you Sire...and awesomely fabulous to you sisterette Wallei...

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