Huwebes, Marso 1, 2012

ELVIRA ALMENDRA-TANKIAMCO : First Placer for PBB On-the-Spot Photo Contest

Congratulations to Ms. Elvira Almendra-Tankiamco for being the First Placer for the very first PBB On-the-Spot Photo Contest. The shooting was held on 12th of February during the 17th Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark Field, Angeles City, Pampanga.

Ms. Elvira Almendra-Tankiamco, also known as Elvs is a member of PBB (Photo Bureau ti Biscaya)She started taking photographs using DSLR two years ago. She does not have any formal training in photography but learned the basics from a mentor who taught her a lot about photography and has greatly influenced her to be passionate with her craft. She is married with three kids and works in one of the most reputable banks in the Philippines. Aside from her family and work, she enjoys photography a lot. For her, it is a way of self expression.

I am proud to say that I call her as my soul sister and our connection is bound by our same passion in photography. We got connected through Engr. James Singlador, one of the most-awarded photographers in the Philippines.

This is her winning entry:

Other winners are:

Ivy Cadiente-Gambito

Jojo Padilla

About PBB:

Photo Bureau ti Biskaya(PBB) is a Society of Novo Vizcayanos with Ardor for Photography. PBB aims to promote tourism in Nueva Vizcaya by exhibiting photographs that will show non vizcayanos , not only the inherent, abundant beauty of our province, but also its totality.

PBB is also geared towards rendering Philanthropic Services to the province’s local government units, schools and agencies by pr
oviding PRO BONO ( F R E E ) photography coverage of their own respective public endeavors.

In connection to the club’s very essence of existence, which is to foster photography community in Nueva Vizcaya, the members are geared towarsd sharing their skills/ talents to the community. 

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