Miyerkules, Hulyo 14, 2010


Love won't eat me anymore. But never will I hate it... The show must go on, life is still beautiful after all. I may be too sentimental enough to be eaten by the circumstances and situation but it was long enough that I had prepared for it. Accepting all the facts behind all the truth is the only thing I can do...

Love won't eat me... I don't want to be miserable just because the person I love the most, the person whom I thought will always be there will not care at all. I need to broaden the spectrum of my mind, I don't want to be over acting on these things, after all, it's part of the game. The game may be over, call it quits!

Love won't eat me. Love will hurt but never be strong enough to swallow whatever feelings left on me. It made me stronger. Love won't eat me. It won't hurt me. I will only cry...

Orihinal na sinulat noong Oktubre 2008 sa aking lumang blog. Naisipan kong buhayin muli dahil ito ang nararamdaman ko ngayon. Cheesy ba?

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