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KISLAP NG PILIPINAS | Mga Larawang Obra ni Maricris Fabi-Carlos

(Tula ni Wallei Bautista Trinidad at mga larawang obra
ni Maricris Fabi-Carlos)
Bayang marilag
Bulaklak ng sangkalupaan

Alab ng puso
Sa diwa namin ay ikaw.

Bitui’y marikit
Araw ay makislap
Maliwanag ang buwan
Hangin ay banayad
Sariwa ang kalikasan.
Ang bawat pangako
Hatid ay katuparan
Sa lupang sinukob
Marubdob ang pagmamahal.

May musikang payak
Sa pandinig ay panatag
May sayaw sa langit
Na puspos ng galak.

Araw at bituin

Pati na ang buwan
Lahat kikislap, kikinang
Sa Pilipinas na mahal!

Her passion for the art started when her father introduced her to sketching and oil painting when she was younger. In 2007, she took basic and advanced photography courses at the FPPF( Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation), finishing at the top of her class.and took wedding photography workshop with PCCI. In the same year, she went on to win Photo of the Year 2008 with her “Raindrops” entry in the PhotoWorld Cup Network, a tough competition of the best photographers among the Philippines’ camera clubs. More awards affirmed her artistic talent: she was two time Imahe Club’s Photographer of the Year in 2008-2009. In 2009, she ranked 5th as Photographer of the Year in PhotoWorld Cup; shooting up to 3rd in 2010.She is also a speaker in Photo World Asia 2011. Lately she won in the international Photo Competition held in South Korea. She beat more than 500 entries from Japan, Korea, Philippines, China, USA and Canada to win the 2011 Asia Pacific District Photographic Competition of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA).

She loves portraiture and landscapes, enjoying and portraying them with available light. After her photographer-husband Jon Carlos taught her Photoshop, Maricris got hooked on photo editing and doing layouts for weddings, and shortly thereafter her passion to create surreal images started.

Amorsoloesque is inspired by National Artist Fernando Amorsolo, who art depicts Filipino Culture and way of life amid the back lighted scenic Philippine scapes.

Maricris is now doing photography workshops. Lately, she conducted a highly successful “Amorsoloesque” workshop in Singapore and Middle East ( United Arab Emirates) It was attended by Singaporeans, Indonesians, Malaysians, Indians, Vietnamese as well as Filipino expats.
It was a great success as every single attendee learned the Amorsoloesque tips and Techniques.
The participants output were astounding, It piqued everyones dormant creative mind.And as what Amorsoloesque is all about..It is a learning oppurtunity.

“Amorsoloesque is a learning technique,” says Kris, “the only limit is your imagination.”
Best in Portrait FPPF Basic Class 2007
Photographer of the Class FPPF Advance Class 2007
Larawang Pinoy " Best in Portrait" ( Natural Light) 2008
PWCN Photo of the Year " Raindrops" 2008
Photo Of the Month " Silent Scream" 2008
PWC " Ang Pasko ay Sumapit"5th/6th and 11th Place
PWC "Still Life" 1st Place/2nd Place 2009
PWC "Filipiniana" 1st Place/6th place 2009
PWC "Bayan ko" 3rd Place 2009
PWC " Enviromental Portrait" 6th Place 2009
PWC "Heal The World" 3rd and 8th Place 2010
PWC " Street w/no Names" 3rd Place
PWC "Beutiful Flaws of Nature" 8th Place 2010
PWC " All Rice" 3rd and 5th Place 2010
PWC 5th Place Photographer of the Year 2009
PWC 3rd Place Photographer of the Year 2010
PWC 6th Place LArong Pinoy 2011
PWC 3rd Place Seeing Double 2011
Imahe's Photographer of the Year 2008
Imahe's Photographer of the Year 2009 
Scott Kelby's Representative ( Intramuros Leg 2009)
"Silent Scream" shortlisted Lee Make History 2008
Manila Bulletin Photographer of the Week 2009
Nlex " Ilove NLEX" 2nd place Motorista Category
Professional Photographers of America- Winner " Lonely Man" and " Angst" 2011
Speaker " Digital Art/Graphic Design" Convention 2011(La Salle Dasma)
Speaker "PhotoWorld Asia 2011"
Speaker Phipho 6th Year Anniversary 2011

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