Huwebes, Mayo 10, 2012


By Caroline Nazareno

Acknowledging Doc PenPen’s ground-breaking methodology in poetry, WORLD POETRY CANADA AND INTERNATIONAL (WPCI), a very prestigious organization composed of 64 nations, has invited the revolutionary Pinoy doctor-poet to grace the World Poetry Peace Festival with the theme “Inspire, Achieve and Celebrate Peace”, to be held on May 25-26, 2012 at Richmond Cultural Center in Richmond, British Columbia.

Some of the affair’s highlights are the recitation of poems and book launching by esteemed poets, Doc PenPen, proudly carrying the country’s colors, will be among the elite assemblage.

Ms.Ariadne Sawyer, WPCI’s, host and founder, said that award and trophy await Doc PenPen in recognition of his advocacy “to inspire, to heal and to awaken” through his poetry. Serendipitously, Doc PenPen’s crusade has turned into a modern day phenomenon, seizing the attention and interest of hordes of poetry lovers from all over the world.

Ms. Sawyer was pleased to learn that Doc PenPen (real name: Dr. Epitacio R. Tongohan, M.D.) , who was recently bestowed the title of “The Father of Philippine Visual Poetry”, has accepted the invitation to launch his PENTASI B POETRY, the much-awaited book of visual poems that is fated to make waves in literature. WPCI and PBP share parallel crusade to foster world peace by respecting all races, beliefs, and cultures and as if by design, their coming together is a “marriage made in heaven”.

Taking advantage of Doc PenPen’s presence, the WRITER’S INTERNATIONAL NETWORK (WIN) CANADA, a global network designed to discover, nourish, recognize, celebrate, promote writers and assist them to connect with other writers, founded by Ashok Bhargava, a multi-awarded poet, World Poetry Ambassador to India, Nepal and Japan, will likewise fete Doc PenPen for his unswerving dedication to his craft.
To be cited likewise is his effort in opening the arena to embryonic poets to fearlessly pursue poetic innovations and philosophical creativity even at the risk of incurring the rebuke and disdain of dogmatic conservatives. The arena has inadvertently turned into a forum where poets of diverse backgrounds, education, aspirations, and styles meet, exchange ideas, learn and give their works relevant, contemporary resonance.

Confirming its importance, the WPCI event will merit CTV coverage. Selected guests and awardees, Doc PenPen included, will be interviewed. World Poetry Café, a radio program of World Poetry Reading Series in Vancouver, will also feature Doc PenPen who has granted an interview and poetry reading on air.

June 2, shall be the turn of Manny Calpito and Marvin Mangabat, Founder and President respectively of OTUSA.TV located at Glendale, California, to host Doc PenPen. OTUSA will reiterate its earlier proclamation of Doc PenPen as the “Father of Philippine Visual Poetry”, to give the USA-based Pinoys to be part of the momentous occasion.

Filipinos should feel proud that one of them has merited the attention of an organization as prestigious as WPCI. Doc PenPen’s dauntless skirmishes with restrictive dogmatists climax into a literary battle royale with the publication of PENTASI B POETRY. The book makes it abundantly clear that Doc PenPen’s brand of poetry, with its perplexing starts and mystifying stops, bizarre highs and enigmatic lows, is different. Too unrestrained is his aversion to be shackled with the obsolete parameters of poetry, and thus his book of visual poems defies conventions and taunts their inflexible keepers but does not compromise poetry as a good and noble art.

On May 25, 2012, thanks to WPCI’s espousal and recognition of Doc PenPen as “FATHER of VISUAL POETRY”. This is not a final event, not anymore a destiny, but a moment of sharing his appointment with history.

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