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LIMITLESS: The First Solo Art Exhibit of Joscephine Gomez, painter

I met her, Ms. Joscephine Gomez via Mr. Arnold C. De Villa when I commented on Mr. De Villa's posting of video links of Kundiman on his facebook wall. My love for Kundiman  made us meet and exchange of communication has started. She's a total package of an artist and she is truly an inspiration.

This photo is created for visual presentation purpose of my blog only. This is not the official poster of the exhibit. Photos credited to Ms. Joscephine Gomez, this is actually from her facebook album, one of her paintings and profile picture. 

Visual artist Joscephine Gomez presents 25 large, medium and small paintings in acrylic and watercolor in her First Solo Show, ''Limitless''. Her works depict
interesting impressionistic renditions of skies and seas either dominated by various shades of yellow, red, rust and orange or cool, refreshing shades of blue, purple and green, with black as the common color. 

                                                          Who is Joscephine Gomez? 

One of the Philippines' better-known classical singers, Ms. Gomez's impressive credentials include being the first Filipino classical singer to be presented in solo concerts in Brunei Darussalam and in Israel and one of the first to sing solo in Russia, where she represented the Philippines in the First International Music Festival for the Asia-Pacific Region.

She is also a well-known professional speaker and lecturer, author of 43 short courses in communication, personal and mind development for business executives, lawyers, doctors, educators and other professionals.

She is a theatre actor. Two of her memorable performances are those in Dulaang UP's Damit ng Emperador and in Tanghalang Pilipino's Orpheus Descending.

She is a journalist, a feature writer and a poet.

Her features articles have seen publication is almost all of the Philippines' broadsheets and leading magazines. She was a business and economic reporter in her youth and worked for the Business Day (now the Business World) and the Economic Monitor. She ran a medical column in the Miscellaneous Magazine in the early 90s and was also the music critic of the Manila Chronicle at around the same period.

The Philippines' pioneer voice therapy and rehabilitation consultant, she is the Founder and Chief Consultant of the JOSCEPHINE GOMEZ CLINIC for VOICE THERAPY and REHABILITATION.

Until the middle of 2009, she hosted CREATIVE SOLUTIONS, a one-hour TV talk show on Global news Network Channel 21.

A polyglot, she speaks nine languages and has taught five of them. She is the only Asian , to date, to have taught at the prestigious IKL Kommunikations Training Centre in Frankfurt , Germany (with branches in Mannheim, Munich and Barcelona). She is also one of the few Filipinos chosen by the British Council to speak at the First International Language Teaching Convention held at the SMX Convention Centre in Manila in 2009.

Of the many awards she has received, she treasures the most her award as ''The Philippines' Longest Cancer Survivor'', which she received from the Kapisanan ng mga may '''K'' sa Pilipinas, the umbrella organisation of all cancer groups in the Philippines. She was diagnosed with cancer at age two, was given 5 and then 10 years to live, but she continues to live with sight, with confidence and WITHOUT CANCER!

Having been spared from the recurrence of cancer and knowing how important early detection and continued surgical and medical intervention are, she has earmarked a certain percentage of the proceeds from the sale of her artwork to retinoblastoma patients at the Philippine General Hospital.

On being a painter:

Ms. Gomez started studying painting in February this year and took her studies seriously, painting almost everyday from six to twelve hours a day.

She has participated in 5 group shows since she began joining shows 8 months ago. Some of her works are currently on display in five reputable galleries, including the Hiyas Museum in Bulacan , where the LAKAN SINING ng Bulacan group show is currently being held.

Her mentors are two of the Philippines' finest artists: Gig de Pio, a former professor at the College of Fine Arts, University of the Philippines, and one of the Philippines' best portrait artists, and Joe Datuin, Grand Prize Winner of the International Olympic Art Competition and other art tilts, and a former professor at the College of Fine Arts, University of Sto. Tomas. 

A photo from her pictorial in Jaffa, Israel for the Photography and Videography Magazine of Israel, taken by its editor Nissim. Credit to Ms. Gomez for grabbing this photo from her Facebook account.

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